Frequently Asked Questions

When do you work? Generally, between 8a-6p on Monday through Saturday, but my hours do vary.

How do I pay you? I prefer Paypal or Zelle, but I will take checks if necessary. Payment is due on the first day of each month, delayed payments will result in delayed advertising.

Do I need to sign a contract? No, there are no contracts. Advertising services are month to month, and you can cancel at any time. I do not refund payments, if you cancel mid-month, I will continue to market for you through the end of the month unless you do not want me to continue. Please do keep in mind that advertising takes time to work, and I would highly recommend at least a 6 month subscription period before deciding whether or not it is working for your business.

Are there any other fees? There is a one time set up for for every account. You will pay an amount equal to one month’s subscription payment. If you sign up for the Basic package at $150 per month, then the set up fee is $150. If you sign up for the Platinum package at $500 per month, then the set up fee is $500.

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